ALG's Lynda Morgan, Laura Metcalfe, and Wes Dutcher-Walls featured in September 2022 For the Defence

ALG's Lynda Morgan, Laura Metcalfe, and Wes Dutcher-Walls contributed articles to the September 2022 issue of For the DefenceFor the Defence is the quarterly magazine of the Criminal Lawyers' Association

Lynda's article provides tips for defence counsel preparing disclosure requests in wiretap cases. Lynda sets out a roadmap for counsel to seek disclosure regarding the police's use of invasive new technologies that impact our clients' privacy interests.

In their article, Laura and Wes make the case for expanding reliance on "minimization clauses" in wiretap authorizations to protect a modern understanding of privacy. Minimization clauses limit how much police can listen to sensitive or irrelevant phone calls on a wiretap. Laura and Wes argue that courts should expand the use of minimization clauses to protect sexual, medical, and religious communications.

To read the September 2022 issue, please visit the Criminal Lawyers' Association website.


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