ALG’s Samara Secter is quoted in a March 4 article in Azure magazine on the City of Toronto’s application for an injunction against the creator of Toronto Tiny Shelters.

Samara is part of the legal team representing Khaleel Seivwright, a Toronto carpenter who built portable wooden shelters for people who are unhoused or residing in city parks. The City of Toronto is seeking an injunction to prevent Mr. Seivwright from placing or relocating the shelters in city parks or rights-of-way. As Samara told Azure, “it’s difficult to predict what the contours of the case will be when we don’t have the evidence [the City] intends to rely on at this point…. What I can say is that the City is doing an inadequate job of providing shelter for unhoused people. The shelter system is often at capacity and individuals have benefited from the tiny shelters. Mr. Seivwright was only acting to reduce harm.”

The City’s notice of application and Mr. Seivwright’s statement on the case are available online. Mr. Seivwright provided an update on the case on March 2.

Azure is an architecture and design publication based in Toronto. The magazine reports frequently on the use of public space and housing issues.

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