ALG's Frank Addario is quoted in a January 9 article in the Globe and Mail on Quebec's expansion of COVID-19 vaccine passports to cover liquor stores and cannabis dispensaries.

According to the Globe, the Quebec government announced that proof of vaccination will be required in provincial-run liquor and cannabis stores starting January 18. The measures are part of an effort to pressure more Quebecers to get COVID-19 vaccines. 

Frank noted that the new vaccine passport rules are legally sound but that it is crucial for any government to increase its educational messaging if it sharpens the seriousness of its vaccine legislation. He pointed out that individuals who hesitate about receiving the vaccine often come from marginalized communities, including Black and Indigenous communities who might have reason to distrust government officials.

Frank added that inflammatory rhetoric towards the unvaccinated could harm governments in court if there are future constitutional challenges to the new rules.

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