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On April 9, 2021 Frank Addario took part in a panel honouring the life and career of the renowned constitutional litigator Joseph Arvay, Q.C. Joe passed away in December 2020 at 71. The panel was part of Osgoode Hall’s 2021 Constitutional Case Conference.

Frank’s panel included Joe Arvay’s colleague Allison Latimer, Professor Kent Roach of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, and the Honourable Justice Lynn Smith, formerly of the British Columbia Supreme Court. Watch the full discussion on YouTube.

Frank pointed out that there was no Charter of Rights and Freedoms when Joe Arvay first became a lawyer. Joe quickly learned that he could use the Charter as a tool to pursue social justice. He saw the Charter like a pottery studio: a work-in-progress for lawyers and judges to shape.

The Osgoode Constitutional Cases Conference provides an annual review of the Supreme Court of Canada’s constitutional jurisprudence. Speakers at the 2021 event included the Honourable Justice Sheilah Martin of the Supreme Court of Canada, faculty from law schools across Canada, and members of the bar.

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